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Hypnosis: Psychotherapy of San Diego

The Mental Edge in life and sex is the knowledge and the ability to effectively unleash the power from within and strengthen the mind-body connection in a physically and emotionally satisfying way. Hypnosis potentiates the mental edge.

“Noticing Just How Relaxed You Are as the Waves Break…”
Dr D Hypnotherapist San Diego, California

Hypnosis is a powerful mind/body state of self-reliance, potentiating positive change and success.

Hypnosis is a wonderful technique to optimize goal attainment and achieve: increased professional success, from more product sales to more eloquent closing arguments in a court trial; improvement in athletic performance whether running, playing tennis, or golfing; a more positive sense of self and enhancing self-esteem by decreasing negative obsessive thoughts, depression, anxiety, fear, loss, and negative effects of physical and emotional abuse; specific goals such as weight loss, test taking, pain management, increased concentration, and sexual performance.

Hypnosis is a tool to decrease symptoms of sex problems, sex addiction, decreased sexual arousal, libido and orgasmic response, negative thinking, poor body image, overwhelming emotions, pelvic pain disorders, painful intercourse, erectile dysfunction, ejaculation problems, and performance anxiety.

Hypnosis is particularly beneficial for future personal and professional success like meeting with a boss, applying for a job, closing a sale, speaking engagements, sports performance, asking someone on a date, and sexual enhancement.

  • A state of hypnotic trance permits the temporary suspension of critical mental ...
  • In a trance state one’s attention can be narrowly focused to particular images, ...
  • Hypnotherapy is a collaborative, cooperative therapeutic technique utilized by Dr. Silbert in conjunction with psychotherapy to decrease self-sabotaging thoughts and behaviors and enhance feelings of mastery and goal attainment.
    Research indicates that hypnosis...
  • Hypnosis is a process of self-mastery that is utilized to promote therapeutic healing...
  • Hypnosis, guided imagery, meditation, and visualization techniques are similar concepts enhancing relaxation...
  • …Simulating trance with Dr. Silbert
    “I want to talk to you in a way that feels most receptive to you...
  • Golf Psychology- Golf Hypnosis
    Dr. Silbert specializes in strategies to Master the Mind Game of Golf ...
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faculties and allows a transition from a conscious awareness of reality to a place of imagination, like daydreaming. This alternate state of awareness, which is called hypnosis or hypnotic trance, can be achieved to the extent that one can dissociate from his or her own reality and conscious mental self-talk and become engrossed in an inner focused reality.
thoughts, feelings, perspectives, memories, and behaviors which are usually disconnected from the typical conscious conceptualization. In this state of disconnected conscious focus and enhanced awareness of subconscious material, new healthy adaptive psychological connections can be made.
can be a very successful technique to maximize your potential: professionally, personally and sexually. Dr. Silbert your Master Guide, assists you on your very own personal journey, utilizing relaxation and guided imagery at differing levels of awareness to access your powers from within. Hypnosis allows for the suspension of time and letting go of thought bombardment from the conscious mind. In a reduced state of conscious awareness, the unconscious mind has a greater capacity to concentrate and focus on set goals, thereby promoting learning, retention, and success. In this more receptive and focused state of awareness, the unconscious mind learns strategies to enhance personal success.
for specific disorders, mental health problems, emotional imbalance as well as facilitating self understanding, future successes, and reduction of stress. Hypnosis allows decreasing conscious awareness and control of internal thought and external stimuli to more effectively communicate with the subconscious mind. In this more focused state, an individual can employ one or more of the senses (hearing, smelling, feeling, tasting and visual imagery) to more effectively create and program the desired change.
narrowing one’s focus, and promoting suggestibility of a desired effect. Hypnosis allows an individual to perceive concepts, behaviors, and associated feelings differently and contemplate new possibilities without attachment to the current conscious negative affect and thoughts. Practicing the “mind game” when the body is relaxed and the mind is alert allows for newer, more pleasurable, and desirable behaviors and feelings.
I want to talk to that inner most aspect of your mind, the brain matter most interested in hearing what I have to say. I want you to use that part of your mind that you can trust to work with you, and for you, to achieve your maximum potential in life and sexually… As you take a long, slow, deep, satisfying breath, holding onto the breath to the point of inevitability, then slowly letting it go… Remembering that with each deep breath you take you begin to feel more and more relaxed…Trance, like life, like sex is a process of holding on and letting go…. And it feels so good to transcend to a state of optimum physical capacity, outstanding thoughts, with the most intense of pleasurable feelings! It simply feels good to enjoy the challenge, and feel the excitement of maximizing your human potential.”
at differing levels of perception to benefit the golfer in achieving peak performance. The Mental Edge in golf is the knowledge and the ability to effectively unleash the power from within and strengthen the mind-body connection in a physically and emotionally satisfying way. The idea is to enjoy the challenge and feel the excitement of doing your personal best to: “Shoot a Par, Personally, Professionally, Sexually, and on the GOLF COURSE.” For more information click on the link below:

“Fairways of Power,
Greens of Solace”
Dr D Master the Mind Game of Golf
San Diego, California

The genuine relational nature of the therapeutic process with Dr. Silbert promotes healing and strengthening of the capable inner self. The individual is enhanced positively by a belief in the ability to cope with the human condition and the emotional upheaval exacerbated by the winding road of life’s journey!