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“The High of the Hunt”
Dr D Sex Addiction Therapy

Enhance self respect and modify sexually addictive behavior interfering with life satisfaction in treatment with Dr. Silbert!Dr. Silbert provides therapy and treatment in San Diego for sex addiction: a sexual and intimacy disorder manifested by obsessive sexual thoughts and compulsive sexual behavior including, but not limited to, excessive masturbation, surfing the internet for hours seeking “better” pornography, compulsive use of prostitutes, phone sex, obsessively hunting for sexual partners for an immediate sexual encounter. Your sexual focus interferes with sexual and life satisfaction. Sexual behavior feels AND is Out of Control creating problems in your life. Therapy alleviates out of control feelings, thoughts and behaviors interfering with the contentment of life. The sexually out of control individual has fleeting to nagging thoughts of guilt, shame, fear or simply “feeling crazy.” A sense of calm and freedom may ensue simply by sharing hidden thoughts, feelings and behaviors in treatment with Dr. Silbert.

Sexual Scenarios of Sex Addiction:

"I feel out of control. I am going into debt paying for sex. If I am not having sex, my mind is often preoccupied with when and how I will have my next sexual encounter. I love the control it affords me, but at the same time I know my constant ever changing sexual liaisons are not normal. I fear the rejection of a woman. This keeps me “safe.”

“I know that masturbating at work once to several times a day to pornography is probably not the norm, but I am careful and I lock my door. I have had a high sex drive since I was an adolescent and I am not bothering anybody. However, sometimes I wonder why I can’t wait until I go home and I feel kind of crazy.”

“I hunt for men on the on line dating services. I look at their picture and profile and set up a sexual scenario in my mind, like cat and mouse. The chase makes me feel so powerful and desired, yet the conquest often leaves me feeling empty. The cycle begins again. I am so proud of my big black book.”

“I didn’t think it would be a problem with my wife if I checked out virtual reality porn sites. It is a game with fictional characters, not really cheating and not real people. Over time with the virtual sex toys and the ability to create the scenes I was spending so much time on the computer and masturbating so frequently tremendous problems ensued not only with my wife but with my job.”

  • It is estimated that about 3-8 percent of Americans have a sexually addictive...
  • It is important to remember that unlike many other addictions that we can live without, for instance gambling or alcohol, sex is necessary for survival...
  • The rules for sexual normalcy are complex! However, when sexual thoughts and behaviors interfere with...
  • There is not a consensus on the definition of sex addiction. The medical models of hypersexual disorder...
  • The World Health Organization’s definition of a substance addiction is often applied at sex addiction treatment centers...
  • Cycle of Sex Addiction – Sex Compulsion: Sex addiction has attracted star celebrity status literally and figuratively in today’s modern era....
  • Whether spending hours on the computer finding increasingly better and varied pornography or searching the bars at night for the hot fling
  • Obsessive and compulsive sexual thought and behavior is often an expression of depression, stress, inability to trust others
sexually compulsive, or hypersexual disorder, including both men and women from all walks of life. Numerous variations of sexual expression are considered within normal limits. “Normal” is often defined by socio-cultural standards that may or may not conflict with an individual’s unique sexual drive or proclivity for variance.
Innate biological genetics and chemicals intermingle with family, culture and society enabling an individual to create sexual scenarios satisfactory for the self within a wide range of normalcy. Progressively however, what is healthy sexual behavior for many people may become unhealthy for others in that it may be part of an addictive cycle. Many individuals can spend a weekend in Las Vegas gambling and drinking with an added sexual tryst with no adverse consequences, but for the addict severe problems may ensue.
physical or mental health, social, and/or occupational functioning, a problem is created. Controversy exists among professionals as to whether the behavior is a sexual addiction, sexual compulsion, hypersexual disorder or simply “bad boy behavior.” Whatever the name, the problem is the same, which includes behavior that is out of control negatively affecting various aspects of an individual’s life!
obsessive/compulsive disorder and chemical dependency are most often cited as frameworks in attempts to categorize the sexual disorder of sex addiction. The National Council on Sexual Addiction and Compulsivity has defined sexual addiction as “engaging in persistent and escalating patterns of sexual behavior acted out despite increasing negative consequences to self and others.” The behaviors continue despite the potential risks to one’s self with regard to finances, relationships, and physical and mental health.
as a theoretical model to follow for intervention and treatment. Included in the addiction model are the concepts of tolerance (a change in the nature of the behavior to obtain the desired effect) and withdrawal (physiological and/or psychological symptoms when discontinuing the behavior). Unlike the goal in treatment of chemical dependency, which is abstinence from use of all psychoactive substances, the therapeutic goal in sexual addiction is abstinence only from compulsive sexual behavior with adaptation of healthy sexuality.
Everyone has an opinion from the guy on the street to the medical professional, all propagated and pulsated by the mass media. Call it sex addiction, sexual compulsion or get down and dirty bad behavior, our politicians, sports stars, and Hollywood celebrities are the popular representatives of such blatant public arousing interest. In American society where sex, like alcohol, is socially acceptable and encouraged, and sexual images proliferate, it becomes more challenging to distinguish between normal sexuality and excessive, or abnormal sexual behavior. The proof becomes obvious as the individual life spirals out of control physically, mentally and/or with regard to social or occupational functioning. Of course, it is always important to rule out other physical or mental disorders which may be influencing out of control sexual problems.
, over time the outcome is an individual who feels lousy about himself or herself. To escape from the negative feelings and thoughts, the obsessive-compulsive chase continues, hence the ability to momentarily displace the original undesirable emotion. The sexual experience is not about intimacy, but rather to seek pleasure. As the sexual compulsion continues, generally it takes more time to find increasingly varied scenarios of sexual behavior to maintain the intensity of the “sexual high.” Once the conquest has been achieved and the brains chemical rush of transitory euphoria dissipated, the original negative emotion returns coupled with greater undesirable emotion attached to the repetitive behavior. This “cyclic behavioral syndrome” is the fuel for sexual addiction compensating for psychic pain. The “secretiveness” of the out of control sexual behavior can add to the psychic pain, intensifying fear, guilt and shame if the truth should be revealed.
, fear of intimacy and vulnerability, negative thinking about one’s self and/or feelings of inadequacy. It follows that generally sexual compulsive behavior is the “acting out” of individual psychic distress. The fear of intimacy and human connection may be mitigated momentarily by obsessive sexual fantasies and compulsive sexual behaviors while superficially inflating a sense of self-affirmation. Feelings of inferiority, inadequacy and worthlessness magically disappear while sexually preoccupied. The sex addict’s desperate search for the fulfillment of unmet childhood needs ends in disillusionment! The inflated sense of self, bolstered by denial and narcissism, is like a Mickey Mouse balloon suddenly pricked by a sharp needle. The cycle spins faster and faster until it crashes!

Therapy and Treatment
Dr D Sex Addiction San Diego
Treatment involves controlling thoughts and most emphatically behavior.

Dr. Silbert works with an individual to stop the self abusive behavior by unraveling the psychodynamics of destructive thinking. The establishment of a therapeutic relationship with Dr. Silbert assists in modulation of mood states and comprehension of aberrant thought processes promoting dysfunctional sexual behavior. Therapy focuses on understanding the origin and nature of psychological distress to enhance resolution of conflict between self and others. The primary goal of treatment is to enable an individual to understand the power one has to modify a negative sense of self, while promoting functional patterns of sexual behaviors.

Conquer self defeating sexual acts and thoughts in treatment with Dr. Silbert by learning how to replace destructive behaviors, negative thinking and painful emotions, hence supporting adaptive sexual functioning.